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Antonio Cassano resumes his attacks against Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo - Man United
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It took him a while to come back but Antonio Cassano returned with more attacks against Cristiano Ronaldo. He seems obsessed. 

We still can’t understand what Antonio Cassano’s problem with Cristiano Ronaldo truly is at this point. It’s almost as if the Italian former player was obsessed with the Portuguese star. Every time he is asked about Ronaldo, Cassano always lashes out against him for no reason. Amongst the top names among the best footballers in history, Cristiano Ronaldo has to at least be at the Top 3. However, Cassano is still determined to slander the star despite his many achievements. We are talking about the all-time top scorer in the Champions League.

The all-time top scorer in any National Team’s history. He is also the all-time top scorer in the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers’ history. Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer with a whopping 450 goals in all tournaments. He’s the only player who could actually compete against Lionel Messi in the same era. Many think Messi is the best ever but Ronaldo has to take more credit for everything he’s achieved during his time. Cassano completely ignores this and prefers to keep talking about one of the best players who ever lived. 

Cassano’s argument to leave Ronaldo out of the Top 5. 

Any proper analyst would place Cristiano Ronaldo right at the top next to Leo Messi, there is virtually no difference between the two in terms of achievements. Counting Pele and Maradona on the list is hardly fair considering they played in completely different eras. But somehow Cassano places players like Johan Cruyff and Ronaldo Nazario above Cristiano.

The real all-time power rankings have both Messi and Cristiano neck and neck for the top spot. With Pele and Maradona very close to them but not quite there. And yet, Cassano said the following during his usual BoboTV intervention on Twitch: “Yes, the best of all time after Napoleon Bonaparte. He’s not even among the top five players of all time. Lionel Messi, Pele, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff and Ronaldo Nazario are on another level.”