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Ansu Fati’s impressive stat that surpasses some football legends

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It’s time to take a look at an insane stat from Ansu Fati that will blow everybody’s mind, his numbers surpass some major football legends. 

Ansu Fati erupted into the football world with a bang, his stats can already be compared to those of major football legends of the modern era. We are not saying he is Pele by any means. But he sure is having a start that is even more impressive than Kylian Mbappe’s. The young Barcelona forward is already one of the Catalan club’s most important players this season and he will increase his key factor.

Let’s begin with one of the many impressive stats from Ansu Fati’s short career. This kid has only taken 16 shots in his life on a professional level and he’s already scored 11 goals. We can also point out that he’s already made his debut with the Spanish National Team and scored a double before turning 18. If that wasn’t enough, we will talk about his most impressive stat to date. We’ll also discuss how many chances he has to improve it as the years keep going by. 

Ansu does it better than Messi and Ronaldo at his age. 

You are reading correctly folks! Ansu Fati has a stat that surpasses the likes of Messi and Ronaldo when they were exactly the same age. In fact, this young player surpasses pretty much all the major footballers in recent history with his numbers. Those 11 goals came before turning 18, which is 2 more than Real Madrid’s Raul Gonzalez, 4 more than Kylian Mbappe, 6 more than Cristiano Ronaldo, and 10 more than Leo Messi.

Before you come at us in the comment section. We are not saying this kid will be better than any of the players we just mentioned. All we are saying is that he was better than all of them, at the same age. Only time can tell how much success Ansu Fati will have throughout his career. However, we can already see that he is on the right track to a brilliant career. You can catch Ansu playing for Spain during the next international break.