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Another former star thinks Kane can surpass Shearer’s record


As part of a campaign to support Harry Kane’s recent milestones, another former star believes he can obliterate Alan Shearer’s record. 

As things stand right now, Harry Kane is 110 goals shy of Alan Shearer’s 260 Premier League goals. Considering he is only 27 years old and he is currently playing at the top of his game, this record is completely possible. All the England striker needs to do is remain in the tournament for the rest of his career and he’ll get to the magic number.

In fact, his 0.69 goal ratio is higher than Shearer’s 0.59. Only Sergio Aguero has a similar goal ratio than Harry Kane does (0.68) but he lacks the youth. We recently heard from Peter Crouch cheering for Kane to reach this record but more English football figures keep emerging with the same narrative.

Andros Townsend shared a dressing room with Kane when he played at Tottenham. He believes the English striker has what it takes to surpass Shearer’s record. There’s also the belief that Kane will get past the third position just below Rooney and Alan in the next couple of seasons.

Townsend thinks Kane can score 200 goals soon. 

In an exclusive interview with talkSPORT, Townsend said: “For me he is the best striker in world football, bar none. He is very under-appreciated. People love to speak about the Lewandowskis and the Benzemas, but if those guys came to the Premier League, they wouldn’t be hitting the numbers Harry Kane’s been hitting on a consistent basis.

“On average he’s scoring 26 goals a season, which is incredible. Knowing Harry Kane, he thinks about that target every single day. Every single time he goes into training, he’s thinking about breaking that all-time goalscoring record because that’s what Harry Kane is like. He’s very determined, he’s very focused, and if he sets his mind to something, eventually he will get it.”

“If he stays in the Premier League for the next four or five years, 100 percent, I think he will. He’s on course with 110 to go. If he continues his average of 26 goals every 38 games then he’s only three of four years away. Knowing Harry Kane and the way he looks after his body… yes, he picks up injuries, but his game is not really reliant on pace and I can see him going well into his 30s.”