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Andy Robertson opens up on his ‘dream’ of playing for Celtic

Andy Robertson - Liverpool
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The Liverpool star came up through the academy ranks of the Scottish side.

Andrew Robertson has admitted he has considered moving to Celtic to spend the prime years of his career.

Robertson started his career in Celtic’s academy before moving to Queen’s Park at the age of 15. His exit wasn’t voluntarily, as the club released him due to his physical weaknesses.

Since then, Robertson has developed into one of the best defenders in the Premier League. However, his ties have with the Celts have remained intact.

“Every time I watch Celtic, I consider it,” he said on BT Sport‘s Currie Club podcast.

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“When you watch them and see a packed Celtic Park… as a fan you always have that dream. Ideally, I want to finish my career here at Liverpool. If I can stay at the top of my game, at the top of the tree my whole career, that’s the route I want to go down.

“But also, when I look at Celtic and when I was growing up, I was thinking I wanted to give them my best years. When I was at Queen’s Park I had a dream of still playing with Celtic and always dreamed of giving my best years to Celtic.

“And now I don’t want to go as a 34 or 35-year-old old guy that my uncles start hating on because I can’t move anymore! Time will tell. I’m very much a person who lives in the moment.”