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Ancelotti compares the Premier League to the Serie A

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Carlo Ancelotti insists the Premier League is better than the Serie A and also shed some light on Everton’s transfer plans.

Carlo Ancelotti explains why the Premier League is better than Serie A and insists Everon are not interested in signing Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Italian manager compared the Premier League to the Serie A and revealed why the English top flight remains ahead of others at large.

“The Premier League is very competitive. There are many things we can say on why their clubs are superior to those in Serie A. There are too many tactics in Italy, which lead to less intensity. The Premier League has the best players and the best coaches,” Ancelotti told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“Quality makes the difference and quality costs. Top clubs have suffered due to the pandemic. Still, Manchester City were able to sign Ruben Dias, Ferran Torres and Aké. Chelsea spent over €200m to sign Werner, Havertz, Chilwell and Ziyech while Real Madrid and Barcelona made no signings at all.”

There was much controversy surrounding the Super League and Ancelotti says he remains against the competition.

“It’s fine to talk about football as a business because it’s worth around €25 billion, that’s what I read. Despite that, I don’t particularly appreciate when business kills the sporting merit. I was against the Super League because it didn’t consider that.”

Ancelotti also spoke on the appointment of Mourinho as Roma boss.

“No, I didn’t. Nobody did. Mou will bring enthusiasm, knowledge and personality. He is a great coach and I am really on good terms with him. I sent him a text when I read the news, and he thanked me.

“Then I sent a second text telling him I am happy he will coach a team I really love, Roma. My Roma.”

Finally, Everton have been linked with signing Wojciech Szczesny from Juventus but Ancelotti poured cold water on those links.

“I already have a goalkeeper and it is Jordan Pickford. Now I only think about West Ham, if we beat them on Sunday we can qualify for Europe. If we lose we are out, luckily we play in London.”