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Alves makes a plausible Messi request to Barcelona

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Dani Alves returned after five-and-a-half-years however does not feel the same at Barcelona without his buddy Lionel Messi.


Dani Alves has admitted that he wants to see his old friend Lionel Messi back at Barcelona who is currently playing at Paris Saint-Germain.

Becoming the all-time great scorer at Camp Nou during his 20-year stint, the Argentine had a sudden change in his path last summer. Unfortunately, Barca could not keep him at the club due to La Liga wage protocols.

As a result of the misfortune, the 34-year-old then joined the Ligue 1 giants on a free transfer. In spite of all this, Alves is of the opinion that Messi can be convinced to get back to his beloved club.


“A great gift” 🎁

The Brazilian full-back told Catalunya Radio: “Messi is the best player in the history of football. It’s strange to be here and not see him, to not have him in the squad.”

“Sometimes things don’t happen as we dream. I already told him that he is not going to be in any better place than here.”

“He told me the same when I left. It would be very good if Messi finishes his career here. Finishing it here would be a great gift for him, and the club could take care of it.”