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Alves explains “superhero” feeling after making Barcelona return

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After completing his comeback to Camp Nou, full-back Dani Alves explained why he feels like a “superhero” while wearing a Barcelona shirt.

Dani Alves admits that putting his Barcelona shirt back on once again will give him the feeling of being a “superhero”. 

Back in 2016, the Brazilian ended a galvanic eight-year run with the Catalan club as he moved to Juventus followed by stints at PSG and Sao Paulo.

Now at the age of 38, Alves has made an emotional comeback to a familiar environment alongside former teammate Xavi.

After his successful medical examination, he told BarcaTV plus: “I’m still shocked. As I had said publicly, I had been trying to return for a long time. I tried twice to return, but it wasn’t possible.”

“Now, to return to work with people who know about my commitment on and off the pitch is a pleasure and a privilege.”

“I always say that there are two shirts that make me feel like a superhero when I wear them: Brazil and Barcelona shirts. To wear this shirt again gives me a boost of strength and adrenaline. I hope I can transmit that to my teammates.”

“My nicest memories in football happened here at Barcelona. My home is here in Barcelona, my closest relatives live here in Barcelona. So it was inevitable that I returned to Barcelona.”

“The pleasant surprise is to come back as a player. But if not I would still have returned to Barcelona because it’s a fascinating city that I love.”

“We need to believe that we are Barcelona, the best club in the world. Sometimes it sounds demagogic to say ‘it’s the best club in the world’. But I’ve been elsewhere and I know what I’m saying: this is the best club in the world, Barcelona is unique.”

“I’m not saying it just because I’m here. Those who have left know what I’m talking about. To be here is a great honour.”