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Alvaro Morata becomes Spain’s perfect scapegoat

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After his performance against Sweden, Alvaro Morata became Spain’s perfect scapegoat to cover all the team’s collective flaws. 

Make no mistake, Alvaro Morata just became the perfect scapegoat and the ideal excuse for Spain to ignore their real issues. This is no longer the same squad that dominated European football between 2008 and 2012. All those players are completely gone after Luis Enrique decided to get Ramos out of the equation. What they have left is a team of good footballers who simply are not on the elite level. Morata has nothing to do with the many collective flaws this team has.

If the people in Spain understood this is hardly a single player’s fault, perhaps they would show him a little more respect. But no, football fans from that country only dabble in absolutes and Morata is the one to pay the price. Yesterday’s key moment right after Alvaro missed that clear chance was the perfect opportunity all the Spanish supporters were looking for. From that moment forward, they were all out to get Morata through resounding jeering. Right after the final whistle, all he heard was an unhappy mob who wanted to see Spain win. 

The mob demands for Gerard Moreno to play. 

After the match, you could see the people were unhappy with Luis Enrique’s decision to give Morata a chance as a starter. They overwhelmingly supported the idea that Gerard Moreno was the perfect choice for the team. However, they are completely missing the real point here. Spain simply lacks the perfect striker who can make them win matches. There is no elite player who can carry the huge responsibility to lead the squad to the final.

Even if it pains them to accept it, this Spanish side won’t make it past the quarter-finals. Leaving Iago Aspas out of the squad was another decision Luis Enrique made incorrectly. The Celta star is one of the few players who can at least be considered closer to that elite level we are talking about. Alvaro Morata is a brilliant substitute player who can do wonders coming on the pitch from the bench, but that’s about it. Blaming him for Spain’s dismal moment is unfair and uncalled for.