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Alexander-Arnold reveals friendly rivalry with Robertson

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Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold some of his top priorities when it comes to his football career.

Trent-Alexander Arnold wants to achieve substantial stardom in the history of football as the Liverpool full-back opened up about his ambitions at Liverpool.

At the age of 23, the England international has already racked 200 appearances for his childhood club. Not only that, but Alexander-Arnold also had the privilege to lift the Champions League and Premier League titles with the Reds.

In fact, he is definitely one of the most essential players on the pitch for Jurgen Klopp at the moment. One cannot argue the timing and precision of his inch-perfect deliveries from the flanks as well as from set-pieces.

Alexander-Arnold, who aims to achieve a greater lump sum in the world of football, however, also has established a friendly competition between his colleague, Andy Robertson. Both wingers have been extremely dangerous from their respective positions while on the field.

Alexander-Arnold told the reporters: “I want to break as many records as I can. I want to make history with my performances and my tallies, and go down in history.”

“For me, it is about contributing as much as I can for the team and making sure we win. The team trophies are much more important than the personal ones but to use as motivation I do like to set myself targets.”

“The very minimum is always double figures and I’ve hit that already. I just want to be contributing as much as I can. I would probably say this season would be 15 to 20 in the league.”

“And keep ahead of Andy Robertson? Yes, so far!”