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Alan Shearer has a message for Harry Kane on his future

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With his future at Spurs still in the air, Harry Kane just got some solid advice from one of the few who can actually do it: Alan Shearer. 

Harry Kane shouldn’t accept advice from anybody, but getting it from Alan Shearer is a completely different story. The former Premier League star is still the all-time top scorer in the tournament’s history. Harry Kane leaving English football is the best thing that can happen to him in terms of his personal ego. But Alan Shearer has never been jealous of the players who can possibly break his records. Not long ago, he was thrilled for Sergio Aguero’s all-time hat-trick record in the Premier League.

In terms of offering advice to the England captain, Shearer wants to be as clear as possible about it. His plan is to rush the Tottenham Hotspur striker to make the best decision about his future. Let’s face it, Kane isn’t getting any younger and he should have some silverware for a player of his category. Next summer will be extremely important for Harry and Tottenham Hotspur. 

Shearer wants Kane to follow his heart. 

In a column written for The Athletic, this is what Shearer wrote: “I’ve got way too much respect for Harry as a player and a man to offer him advice on a decision that I know for myself is rarely linear and that may not, in the end, be his to make. What I would say, though, is this: if he’s going to leave, it looks like this summer or not at all. Harry is 28 in three months and this is why I think we’re approaching a pivotal moment. He’s at his peak, the ready-made article, an absolute guarantee of goals wherever he plays and the opposite of a gamble, but a buying club is going to want three or four of his best years in return for what would certainly be an exorbitant transfer fee.

“This is that time. Twelve months down the line and it becomes that bit more difficult to justify. A lack of crowds inside their beautiful new stadium has cost them, but that doesn’t mean selling Harry makes financial sense. If they have designs on getting back to the elite, players of his caliber will be necessary. They couldn’t let him go without identifying a replacement and they’ll know there’s a huge danger of being shafted on a fee once they get big dough for Harry. They have to look after themselves.”