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Agnelli explains why Juventus sacked Maurizio Sarri

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During a press conference on Thursday, Andrea Agnelli finally revealed the whole truth behind Maurizio Sarri’s sacking at Juventus. 

Maurizio Sarri was coming to Juventus fresh out of winning the UEFA Europa League with Chelsea. The Italian manager had high hopes to win everything with the ‘Old Lady’ over the next few years, he at least expected a little bit of patience. In any major club, winning the league on your first year will grant you some credit.

However, Juventus never showed that patience and it left everybody puzzled. Initially, the club said that not winning the Champions League was the main reason behind Sarri’s abrupt sacking. But chairman Andrea Agnelli just lifted the lid about what really happened. As he spoke to the press about the club’s economic achievements over the last few years.

Agnelli also talked about Sarri’s time in Juventus. The main issue was a chemistry problem with the players. Maurizio didn’t see eye to eye with many of the footballers inside the squad, this is what eventually got him sacked despite his early success. 

Agnelli: “There was no alchemy with Sarri”

While responding to a question about Sarri from Football Italia, the chairman said: “The ninth consecutive Serie A title didn’t find the right recognition from us, from the fans and others but I am convinced that in a few years everyone will understand what we’ve done.

“There is, however, disappointment, for the two Finals we lost. It still burns like the elimination from the Champions League. Sarri is a great person, cultured, and with a sense of humor, with many interests in addition to football which is his first passion, so I am extremely happy that he won the championship with us.

“However, inside the locker room there must be an alchemy that leads to overcome obstacles that may seem insurmountable. This alchemy was not created with the whole environment. He brought the Scudetto cup to the museum and he will forever be remembered as one of the winning coaches of Juventus.”