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‘Agnelli and Marotta have betrayed the Serie A’

Agnelli, Marotta
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Torino president Urbano Cairo has hit out at Andrea Agnelli and Beppe Marotta following their reported interest in the European Super League.

Torino President Urbano Cairo says Andrea Agnelli and Beppe Marotta ‘betrayed’ Serie A and ‘can’t continue to represent the league.

An emergency Lega Serie A meeting took place today with Juventus, Inter and Milan attending it.

However, the aforementioned Italian heavyweights are among the 12 elite European clubs that announced the Super League on Sunday.

Regardless, the three clubs insisted they still want to participate in Serie A while joining the new competition.

Torino President Urbano Cairo has now condemned the three clubs in an interview with ANSA.

“It is an attack on the health of the League. If someone like [Inter CEO] Beppe Marotta, does something like that, he must resign from the FIGC immediately and must be ashamed,” Cairo said.

“You are an Inter director, a club that agreed to join the Super League, you can’t represent Serie A and FIGC because you are threatening the life of the association,” he continued.

“The project is not going to succeed, but those who conceived it are attacking the league and for this betrayal, they must resign and be ashamed.”

The same goes for Juventus President Andrea Agnelli, who was accused of sabotaging the deal to sell 10 per cent of the media company formed to control Serie A TV rights to private funds for €1.7 billion.

“It looks like the [Super League] project was filed on January 10, so I told him during the meeting: ‘how can you come here to talk about solidarity when you sabotaged the negotiation with the funds, already knowing that you were doing the Super League?” Cairo revealed.

“How can you go and negotiate for the operation when you are already working at the Superleague?. But how do you do it? It is a betrayal.”