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Acerbi annoyed by Lazio’s media indulgences

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Lazio have aired incorrect details about ongoing contract talks with Francesco Acerbi and the experienced defender has slammed the Roman club. 

Francesco Acerbi has a contract with Lazio until June 2023. However, after his impressive performances for the Roman club, they want to hold on to him with improved terms. 

There is contention between the club and the player, with their valuations far off. The 32-year-old does not like the way his contract details have become the subject of the press. 

Acerbi rejected claims that he has asked Lazio for €3.5 million per season. This reported sum is  marginally less than the €1.8 million the Biancocelesti have offered him.

The former Genoa defender shared that the reported sums are incorrect and will only discuss them with club.

Acerbi also criticized the club for not respecting his integrity and questioned why these conversations dragged in the media.

“I read some things in the newspapers that weren’t true,” Football Italia quoted Acerbi.

“It wasn’t true about the figures that were mentioned, both the offers and requests, but also it irritated me that these things were being discussed via the papers and not in the opportune venue.

“I think that I showed the right degree of respect towards the club. I would hope they would therefore talk to me via the right channels and not through the media.

“That annoyed me. If this is their attitude and they continue like this, maybe a contract renewal is no longer what’s on my mind.”

Acerbi is with the Italian national team. He started their 1-1 draw with Bosnia, ahead of Giorgio Chiellini due to Roberto Mancini not wearing his spectacles.