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AC Milan: Pioli confirms search for Kjaer replacement

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The Milan boss says his side will look for a new defender who can cover for Simon Kjaer’s absence.

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer suffered a severe knee injury in early September. The defender will stay out of action for the rest of the season, with Milan suddenly losing a key player.

However, the Rossoneri have already decided on their reaction to Kjaer’s injury. Ahead of his side’s game against Roma, Stefano Pioli confirmed they would look to sign a new defender this January.

He said (via Fotmob): “We have clear and shared ideas. Kjaer’s injury forces us to have an eye on defence. I have not made any other requests.

“We are looking for a complete defender, it’s too important a role.

“We want one who can accept defensive one-v-ones with great timing and to have courage in the defensive phase.

“The defenders have to be the playmakers. They must have the ability to play, make the right choice even in possession of the ball.

“It will not be a roaring market for anyone, but I’m sure we’ll find the right player.”

Milan will return to Serie A action this week as they face Jose Mourinho’s Roma on Thursday. The Rossoneri continue chasing Inter, who are leading the table with a four-point clearance.

Asked about his side’s chances of clinching the title, Pioli responded: “I don’t care much about what they say outside Milanello. I see players who are aware, winning would be an extraordinary feat. But we have to believe in it and I expect a lot from everyone.

“We can do it if we keep the balance. We have pressure because we have been good at creating it with the results, then we’ll do the math in the end.”

Following their game against Roma, Milan will face Venezia in their next league match on Sunday.