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Gareth Bale addresses his comments about Real Madrid

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After such a big fuss about his possible return to Real Madrid, Gareth Bale finally spoke about his recent comments about leaving Spurs. 

Gareth Bale revealed a statement last week that was taken completely out of context, he threatened to return to Real Madrid. Those who know how the Welshman’s situation has unfolded at the Spanish club, know he didn’t really say that. Gareth wouldn’t return to Los Blancos even if they pointed a gun to his head. In fact, he would do anything to remain in London and finish his career in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur might not be the ideal place for him to remain, but he at least had some time to prove he is still worthy. Perhaps another club from London might make the effort to buy him from Real Madrid for good. While that happens, Gareth wanted to clarify his recent comments about returning to Spain. 

Gareth doesn’t really want to leave London. 

In a statement picked up by The Athletic, this is what Gareth Bale really said about his future: “Legally my contract says I have to go back to Real Madrid, which is what I stated. I don’t think I was being disrespectful to anybody. “Real Madrid are my parent club. The reason I left is because I wanted to play games, get match fit, and enjoy my football. Come summer I will be going back.

“Then when I sit down with my agent and decide. Of course I want to be playing, but other things might get in the way, which in football is not just about what you want — it’s the other side. “I am concentrating on this season. Game tomorrow, big end of the season with Tottenham, then the Euros in the summer. I don’t need to worry about anything else. After the Euros and my summer holiday I will sit down, we’ll go through something then and hopefully come up with a solution.”